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Coquitlam Garburator Repair

Many people consider living in a home without a Garburator as living in the dark ages. It is simply an essential part of most people’s lives. It offers many different benefits which you can enjoy on a near daily basis. By knowing the different benefits you can get from a Garburator installation, you may find yourself scrambling to get one installed in your home. Here is a list of the top five benefits you get from having a disposer in your Coquitlam home.

  • Better Smelling Kitchen – eliminate food immediately, before having it sit around in your kitchen garbage bin

  • Saving Money – assist in breaking down trash that could clog your drain

  • Lighter Trash – lower the number of times you’re taking out your trash

  • Fewer Leaks – no clogs means no pressure build-ups and therefore fewer leaks

  • Easier Clean Up – wipe your crumbs and your mess directly into your sink



Garburator Tips

  • Do not put your hand into the disposer.

  • Do not put bones, metal or stringy material down Garburator. Keep hard objects out. This includes plastic, rubber & metal as well as bones & gristle unless your owner’s manual says you can put them down.

  • Use a strong flow of cold water when grinding waste. The cold will help harden grease so that it doesn’t clog the disposer or drain line. The water flow will make sure the ground up waste passes into the sewer & doesn’t clog your drain lines.

  • Leave the water running for a minute after you finish grinding.

  • Do not use chemical drain cleaners in the disposer.


No matter what the job is, you can always count on:

  • Same Day Service.

  • Professional Technicians.

  • Convenient Appointment Times.

  • A Lifetime Warranty On All Installations.

  • Guaranteed upfront pricing.

  • Uniformed, courteous and very talented technicians.

  • We clean the work area as clean or cleaner than we found it.

  • A large inventory of parts so most jobs can be completed in a single visit.

  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction with our work.


What Coquitlam Homeowners Are Saying About Us

"You know, it’s not so easy to find a service company who’s on time, pleasant, fair, and good at their job. You’re all of the above and I truly appreciate it."

The job was done right, on time, for the agreed price… and you even cleaned up! What else can I say? I’m impressed.

I called other service companies, but they either didn’t show or weren’t helpful. Thanks so much for being a true professional! I plan to use you again.

Alba Plumbing and Heating

604 942 4510

1155 Dufferin St Coquitlam BC V3B 7K2

Alba Plumbing – Coquitlam Plumber

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